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Public Health Reports: Incorporation of Social Determinants of Health in the Peer-Reviewed Literature: A Systematic Review of Articles Authored by the NCHHSTP

In a recent article in Public Health Reports, Drs. Eleanor E. Friedman, Hazel D. Dean, and Wayne A. Duffus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed the frequency and types of social determinants of health (SDHs) discussed in papers authored by the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP). The MEDLINE/PubMed search engine was utilized to uncover the frequency and type of SDHs appearing in NCHHSTP publications from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2014. Of the 862 articles authored by NCHHSTP, only 366 addressed specific SDH factors of interest. Most articles, however, had a minimal SDH focus. SDH categories mostly represented in the literature were health and health care and education and schooling. The authors concluded that public health departments and other health agencies should allocate resources and time to the topic areas identified as minimally covered in this analysis.

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