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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Rutgers Doctoral Student Receives Dissertation Grant from RWJF

Rutgers School of Public Health epidemiology PhD student, Ms. Michelle Doose, has been awarded $10,000 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to support her dissertation research. The award is part of the RWJF’s Health Policy Research Scholar program – a program for doctoral students from a wide variety of research-focused disciplines whose research, connections, and leadership will inform and influence policy toward a Culture of Health.

[Photo: Ms. Michelle Doose]

Ms. Doose is learning how to translate epidemiological research to influence health policy and she’s starting with her dissertation. Her research examines health policy, health system, and provider-level factors on the delivery of diabetes and hypertension care among women with breast cancer. For example, she is exploring the effects of the Medicaid reimbursement rate change on optimal diabetes care management. Findings could identify gaps in care delivery and improve disease management guidelines for breast cancer patients with chronic health conditions. The award is being used for new data collection and data acquisition as well as to cover fees associated with dissertation editing, publication services, and disseminations of findings in both academic and patient journals.

“This funding support from RWJF allows me to collaborate with a diverse group of research mentors — from epidemiology and biostatistics, to health policy and systems, and clinical care. I’m passionate about using research to improve clinical care guidelines and drive health policy changes that strengthen the integration of health care for patients with complex health and social needs,” comments Ms. Doose.  “Rutgers School of Public Health faculty have been instrumental in developing my dissertation research, applying for funding, and guiding my overall academic career goals to address cancer care inequities.”

Ms. Doose’s doctoral studies at the Rutgers School of Public Health are fully funded with support from the RWJF’s Health Policy Research Scholar Program and the National Cancer Institute’s Diversity Supplement (R01CA185623) under the mentorship of Drs. Kitaw Demissie, Elisa Bandera, and Chi-Chen Hong. She is expected to graduate in May 2019 and hopes to continue her academic career goals to address cancer care inequities in a post-doctoral position.