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Faculty & Staff Honors

Rutgers: Faculty Awarded Grant to Build Statistical Education Program for Preclinical Cancer Researchers

Rutgers School of Public Health Professor, Dr. Jaya Satagopan, along with Dr. Sujata Patil of Sloan Kettering, have developed a new statistics curriculum, which can be adapted for students in the health or health-related fields using a $114,475 National Institutes of Health grant.

The curriculum designed by Drs. Satagopan and Patil includes a flipped classroom approach that incorporates hands-on workshops, real data analysis, and open dialogues about methods for preclinical cancer research. The class begins with a warm up to generate discussion, a pre- and post-evaluation, and implementation of R shiny applications for hands on experience.

The curriculum will be implemented in two diverse settings. At Sloan Kettering, an academic cancer research and treatment center that does not have a formal statistics education program, Dr. Patil will implement the curriculum to train post-doctoral researchers conducting preclinical laboratory research. At Rutgers, a public research university where biostatistics education is a core component of the School of Public Health, Dr. Satagopan will incorporate materials from the curriculum into the biostatistics courses she teaches.

The researchers will also examine how to bring lessons learned from laboratory research at Sloan Kettering, into Rutgers classrooms to enhance the learning experience of students and vice versa.

The curriculum is planned to take place over a 10-week period with one 90-minute class per week. These resources will be available to the statistics and cancer research communities.

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