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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Rutgers Professor Selected to Serve on Regional Health Equity Council

Rutgers School of Public Health assistant dean for public health practice, diversity, & inclusion and assistant professor in the department of urban public health, Dr. Teri Lassiter, has been selected to become a new member of the Region II Health Equity Council. The Council’s mission is to eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (Region II) through culturally and linguistically appropriate programs and policies. The Council’s priority areas include:

[Photo: Dr. Teri Lassiter]

“The opportunity to serve as a representative for RHEC Region II will provide the opportunity to expand the school’s relationships with other organizations that focus on the elimination of health disparities,” says Dr. Lassiter. “I am particularly interested in participating on the committee that focuses Adolescent Health and Youth Engagement, as I am currently working on a project that focuses on the effects of ACEs [adverse childhood experiences] on youth development in two of Newark’s most distressed areas.”