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Saint Louis: Researchers Receive Grant to Evaluate the Effects of Racial Equity Tools on Policy

Nearly 200 city and county governments have adopted tools to identify racial and ethnic disparities, yet no one has examined whether this has resulted in actual changes in policies that relate to employment, housing, access to health care, and child education.

Spearheaded by principal investigators Ms. Ruqaiijah Yearby, and Ms. Sidney D. Watson, both of the Center for Health Law Studies, SLU’s research team will work with the developers of these equity tools to identify characteristics of the cities and counties that have adopted the tools and assess their stages of readiness for changes in law and policy.

Other SLU team members include Dr. Keon Gilbert, associate professor of behavioral science and health education at the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice; Dr. Amber Johnson, associate professor of communication; and Dr. Kira Banks, associate professor of clinical psychology. They are joined by Dr. Stephanie McClure of the University of Alabama. The project manager is Ms. Nicole Strombom, a law and master of public health student at SLU.

The team will assess the types of equity tools being used, tool source, duration of tool use, community engagement, focus of law and policy changes, and advocacy strategies for change. They will conduct case studies on a selected city or county’s stage of readiness for change, adoption process of racial equity tools, and influence of racial equity tool adoption on law and policy changes. The data will be used to create comprehensive maps that explain insights into racial equity tool adoption and influence on law and policy.

SLU’s team was one of 11 new Policies for Action (P4A) grantees. P4A is a signature research program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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