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School & Program Updates

Saint Louis Student Records Messages of Hope

Saint Louis University student Mr. Aaron Laxton is recording “messages of hope” from the LGBTQ community and others in Saint Louis to send to the survivors and families of those in Orlando.

Aaron Laxton_SLU_KSDK

[Photo: Mr. Aaron Laxton]

“We struggle in the aftermath of these events to gain our bearing and wonder how we can help,” says Mr. Laxton, a Master of Social Work candidate and HIV/AIDS activist. Once the recordings have been completed, Laxton will compile the messages into a video to share online.

The first filming took place on June 13 at the Pride St. Louis headquarters. Through social media and several news stations, Mr. Laxton invited anyone who wanted to share a message of hope and solidarity; 17 people–gay, straight, women and men, ranging in ages from 17 to 59 years old–participated in the video project.

Since the project appeared on St. Louis Public Radio and other media, Laxton has been invited to film by several other organizations in the area, including a church and a chamber of commerce.