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Saint Louis: The Impact of RISE UP! in Promoting Positive Parenting and Safety Behaviors of Parents with Young Children

RISE UP!, a computerized program that provides tailored reports promoting positive parenting and injury prevention for caregivers of young children, shows promise in encouraging parenting practices that reduce injury risk and the risk of child abuse and neglect. This is according to an article published in Children and Youth Services Review by Dr. Nancy Weaver and Dr. Travis Loux of The Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice; Dr. Terri Weaver, Dr. Heidi Sallee, and Ms. Daphne Lew, of Saint Louis University; and Ms. Keri Jupka of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

With RISE UP!, a caregiver completes a computer assessment, then receives a tailored report indicating their priority injury risks.

A total of 214 caregivers of children five years old or younger, and who received services from a Midwestern children’s hospital, participated in the study. Analysis compared baseline data and follow-up data for indicators of positive parenting as well as adoption of the recommendations.

The most often reported parenting stress areas included crying, bed time, social situations meal time, and toileting. The highest-risk unintentional injury areas were passenger safety, suffocation, poisoning, and fires.  At follow-up, 75 percent of caregivers reported trying at least one of the report’s recommendations and safety tips.

The authors state that similar to unintentional injury prevention, approaches to address child maltreatment must target specific caregiver behaviors that are protective and associated with decreased rates of child abuse and neglect. In order to decrease rates of child maltreatment, interventions should focus on addressing malleable risk factors.

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