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South Carolina: Researchers Develop Web-based Program to Accelerate Adolescent Vocabulary Growth

Dr. Suzanne Adlof, Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders in the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health, has collaborated with other members of her department, Dr. Lauren Baron and Ms. Joanna Scoggins, as well as colleagues from multiple institutions to publish a paper on accelerating adolescent vocabulary growth through the development of an individualized, web-based vocabulary instruction program.  The paper was published in Language Speech and Hearing Services in Schools.

“Improving vocabulary knowledge is important for many adolescents, but there are few evidence-based vocabulary instruction programs available for high school students,” says Dr. Adlof.

With this paper, the researchers explain their efforts to help overcome this challenge through the development and implementation of DictionarySquared. Dr. Adlof and her team tested this web-based vocabulary program with high school groups during two pilot studies, which took place during five phases.

In describing the phases, the authors explain the evaluation of the initial implementation and revision of instructional materials (phases 1 and 2) as well as the feasibility study they conducted with 169 high school students over four weeks during phase 3. They used student usage data and teacher feedback to guide program revisions in phase 4 and examined potential effectiveness for 264 high school students who used the program for one semester.

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