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South Carolina: Researchers Publish Scientific Papers on Fertility for Cancer Survivors

Researchers from the environmental health sciences department at the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health have published papers on oncofertility  in Future Oncology and the Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology.

The research was conducted in the Reproductive Toxicology Laboratory, which is directed by assistant professor Dr. Shuo Xiao, whose research focuses on women’s reproductive health and toxicology, but with a twist. He studies how environmental toxins and pharmaceutical compounds impact women’s reproductive health and fertility. The methods Dr. Xiao uses include in vivo animal models, 3D in vitro tissue culture models, and human epidemiological studies.

The two studies included a survey assessing the female oncofertility attitudes and knowledge among reproductive health professionals in Shanghai, which was published in Future Oncology, and data on reproductive health professionals’ attitudes and knowledge related to female fertility preservation in Fujian, China (published in the Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology).

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