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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

South Florida and CATHALAC Strengthen Partnership for Collaboration

On January 20, the Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean (CATHALAC) and the University of South Florida, USF Health, signed a general agreement for collaboration with the purpose of facilitating academic and scientific research cooperation between the two entities. The signing of this agreement responds to the interest of formalizing the work that USF Health’s College of Public Health and CATHALAC have been developing together, mainly through the internship program, in which CATHALAC scientists provide technical mentorship to the research developed by USF’s public health students in Panama.

Freddy Picado, director general of CATHALAC, and Dr. Lynette Menezes 3

[The agreement was signed by Dr. Freddy Picado (left), director-general of CATHALAC, and COPH alumna Dr. Lynette Menezes, assistant vice president USF Health International]

USF Health-Panama is a university program that was established as a partnership of USF Health’s colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Pharmacy. Through this program, students from these colleges have the opportunity of learning first-hand about public and environmental health issues in Panama, providing them not only with field experience but knowledge of the reality of these issues in tropical and Latin American countries.

Moreover, CATHALAC promotes sustainable development through applied research, educational programs ,and technology transfer with the objective of transmitting scientific knowledge and providing tools that facilitate decision-making in order to ensure a responsible management of the environment, which also involves public and environmental health issues relevant for the country as well as for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.