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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

South Florida: Graduate Student Champaigne Spivey’s Nonprofit Helps Those in Need

Twelve years ago University of South Florida College of Public Health graduate student Ms. Champaigne Spivey and her family left her hometown of San Diego, California and took to the road for change.

Change was to come, but not in the form they expected.

While driving across country to Tampa for her mother’s new job, they experienced a car accident — flipping from one side of the highway to another — leaving them homeless.

“That turned our lives 360 [degrees],” Spivey said. “We went from coming here and having everything set up to having nothing.”

Ms. Spivey said her mother’s job did not work out and their family had lost it all, even living in a hotel for a month.

“It was thanks to maternal and child health programs that were already in place at my school that I was able to smoothly transition into school, have transportation to and from school, eventually have a real home, and overall excel in my education,” she said. “It was thanks to those programs that my family was able to get on our feet and move forward in the best direction.”

The current master’s student has taken her personal experience with homelessness and her passion for helping others and turned it in to her own 501c3 nonprofit called Blessed Hands, Blessed Hearts.

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