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Student & Alumni Achievements

South Florida: Students Work Together to Address Health Needs in Jamaica

University of South Florida College of Public Health students in the International Health Service Collaborative (IHSC), an interdisciplinary mix of USF Health students, faculty and professionals who work to promote health in underserved communities abroad, spent their annual week-long service trip in Jamaica this March.

This was the first time the group volunteered in Jamaica thanks to the efforts of co-president Ms. Natalie Dehaney, a USF College of Pharmacy student from Jamaica, who worked with her father to find clinic space and make arrangements for the group to conduct community health events.

USF COPH graduate student Ms. Juliana Azeredo, a first year student in the MPH program with a concentration in public health education, said COPH students worked with other health students to educate both adults and children on a range of health topics.

The group spent some time at a local school in the Rosemount community educating children on oral health and proper hand washing activities.

“Through interactive, child-based activities, the children were able to learn about oral and hand hygiene, nutrition and vector control. We were even able to show them how to represent the USF Bulls,” Ms. Azeredo said.

Students also spent time at a local clinic to address health needs of adults, from reviewing their medical history to discussing ways to improve and protect their overall health, according to Ms. Azeredo.

When patients would arrive, some students assessed overall health and others would conduct educational trainings ranging from nutrition to preventing pregnancy.

“There was a collaboration of efforts. COPH students helped with triage and physical therapy students helped with public health efforts,” she said.

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