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COVID-19: Preparedness and Response

COVID-19: Preparedness and Response

St. Ambrose: College of Health and Human Services Faculty Scholarship Grant Recipient

St. Ambrose University MPH Professor and Epidemiologist, Colleen Doak, PhD, and co-investigators from Community Action of Eastern Iowa, were awarded the University’s College of Health and Human Services Faculty Scholarship Grant to conduct food security research in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Primary research objectives focus on the improvement of the nutritional value of doorstep food deliveries and food security in COVID-vulnerable participants and their households. Dr. Doak’s research seeks to improve food security and nutritional value of food deliveries by testing approaches to replace or add foods/goods needed to improve the nutritional quality.  The research will evaluate the total nutritional value of foods delivered in relation to nutritional recommendations and based on participant/household preferences. Special attention will be given to identifying foods that are not used culturally and identifying appropriate replacements related to individual food restrictions, medical requirements & nutritional needs.

Title: Strategies to Improve Food Assistance for COVID-19 Vulnerable Quad Citizens

Faculty Name: Colleen Doak

Co-Investigators; Roger Pavey, Executive Director, Community Action of Eastern Iowa