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Linda Taliaferro

Linda Taliaferro will serve as chief operating officer. With years of experience that spans the breadth and depth of non-profit management, including strategic planning, association governance, operations, budgeting, finance, and staff and leadership development, Taliaferro will lead an ambitious effort to advance ASPPH’s visionary 2030 Strategic Framework with 35 employees and over 135 member institutions. Taliaferro will lead ASPPH’s governance affairs, including managing relations with the Board of Directors and advisory groups, while advancing membership recruitment, engagements, networking opportunities, services, and member benefits. Taliaferro will also oversee grants, fundraising, finance, human resources, and the day-to-day business processes and operations of the Association and will work to build a healthy, inclusive, and collaborative culture. Taliaferro’s first day will be January 15, 2022.