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Staying Healthy, One Step at a Time

Summertime is hot and humid in Washington, D.C. and it can be tempting to retreat into the air conditioned buildings until fall arrives. ASPPH staff took on a 10,000 steps-a-day challenge for the month of July, with the primary goals of getting outside for a dose of the sun’s Vitamin D, and rejuvenating — both mentally and physically. Staff completed a total of 3,750,203 steps for the month of July, an average of about 8,640 steps per day! While that many steps equates to a single person walking from Washington, D.C. to Albuquerque, New Mexico, distance was not the primary goal. Studies show that walking can increase creativity and productivity in the workplace, lower rates of depression and stress, and result in physical health benefits.1 (reference)

Since 2012, ASPPH staff have participated in multiple organization-wide wellness initiatives to achieve the work-life balance, focusing on activities to improve our physical and mental states, in addition to nutrition. Stay tuned for the next challenge report out! 


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