Harrison C. Spencer Award

The ASPPH Harrison C. Spencer Award for Outstanding Community Service is presented annually and honors an ASPPH-member school or program with a long-standing, major institutional commitment to engage with communities to improve public health. The award recognizes exceptional community service initiatives that address community needs. Read the press release to learn more about this year’s winners.

2020 Winners

National Taiwan University College of Public Health and University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health

The National Taiwan University College of Public Health is being recognized for their exceptional commitment to serving communities in Taiwan. Key initiatives are operationally aligned with the county and national public health agencies and the national health insurance program and exhibit a high level of collaboration and service integration. The Changhua County Integrated Public Health Service (CIPHS) integrates primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention embracing environmental and occupational health science, social behavior science, epidemiology and biostatistics, preventive medicine, and health care policy and management. Public health services and continuous medical care offered by the CIPHS program are delivered in the community through various innovative health promotion and preventive service initiatives. A second featured initiative focuses on reducing the high rate of gastric cancer on the island of Matsu. The island has traditionally been poorly served, and medical accessibility, health resources and transportation are limited in the community. The Matsu community-based gastric cancer screening and integrated prevention program has resulted in a steep decline in gastric cancer rates on the island and is seen as a model program in Taiwan.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) College of Public Health is being recognized for their deep and sustained commitment to the city of Omaha and the State of Nebraska. The primary community engagement and service arm of the College is the Center for Reducing Health Disparities. Collectively, the College’s community engagements are addressing disparities in health outcomes among Nebraskans through consistent community engagement, partnerships and advocacy; by promoting translational research that is reducing disparities in health status and health care at the local, state, national, and global levels; and, advancing UNMC’s education initiatives in health disparities.

UNMC has strengthened partnerships with the clinical enterprise and with the state and local department of public health, in part through the creative use of community health needs assessment activities, including assessments of specific underserved populations.