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Master’s Global Health Model

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Master's Global Health Competency Model

The original Global Health Competency model, developed in 2011, was designed to provide a framework for the abilities expected of master’s-level students in global health programs that will prepare them for successful performance in the global public health workforce. While the 2016 Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) core competency requirements for Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees rendered this 2011 competency model obsolete, it is still available,  below, as useful for faculty and students in global health programs across a broad range of institutions beyond graduate schools of public health – schools of international relations/affairs, business schools, law schools and, of course, other health professions’ schools, such as those in medicine and nursing, as well as programs in the biological and social sciences.

Target Audience

Students specializing in global health upon graduation from a master’s-level program of study.


To promote population health, safety, and well-being at local and global levels by enhancing the global health competence of students in schools of public health and related global health educational programs.

Full Educational Model and Report

Global Health Competency Model (404 KB)

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