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Master’s Preparedness & Response Model

Master’s Preparedness & Response Model

The Master’s Preparedness and Response model is designed for use by graduate level programs to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field of public health preparedness and response. It is anticipated that both faculty and students in public health preparedness and response programs will find value in this competency model.

The model is designed to add an additional layer of competencies to the existing MPH Core Competency Model. The MPH Core Competency Model represents the foundation and skills needed by all MPH graduates, while the Master’s-Level Preparedness and Response Competency Model indicates the additional abilities required for students specializing in public health preparedness.

Target Audience

Public health students pursuing a master’s level specialization or graduate certificate in emergency preparedness and response

Project Tenets

The competency model is built around eight overarching tenets. The model is meant to:


Full Educational Model and Report

Master's Level Preparedness & Response Model (351 KB)