Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Temple Doctoral Student Receives Grant to Study Student-Athletes

Ms. Madeline Barlow, a third-year doctoral student in the department of kinesiology at Temple University College of Public Health, has received a $6,000 grant to continue her research into the challenges and barriers to exercise experienced by student-athletes.

The one-year grant from the American Athletic Conference will support an in-depth examination of student-athletes to determine the challenges and barriers to maintaining healthy physical activity levels. Surveys and focus groups of current and former student-athletes will be utilized.

“Research indicates that student-athletes who transition out of a sport are no more physically active than non-athletes,” Ms. Barlow says. “Finding ways to help athletes develop an exercise identity rather than just an athlete identity ensures they continue to obtain exercise’s mental and physical benefits.”

Ms. Barlow will use the results to develop interventions to help student-athletes manage the transition from athletic identity to exercise identity.

“Receiving this grant is a huge honor and step forward in my academic career,” says Ms. Barlow, who works under Dr. Michael Sachs in the kinesiology department’s exercise and sport psychology lab. “I am passionate about the research topic and hope to utilize a piece of this project for my doctoral dissertation. In the future, I hope to work with collegiate athletes to minimize the psychological and physical stress that has been found to occur during this transition period and to enhance students’ overall athletic and academic experience.”