Member Research and Reports

Member Research and Reports

Texas A&M and Boise State Faculty Author Community Health Status Assessment Special Supplement for the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice

A special supplement was recently published in the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice that fills gaps in the professional literature around contemporary community health assessment strategies and methods.

The supplement, Community Health Status Assessment, provides history, context, current practices, and evaluations of community assessments from a variety of settings.

[Photo: Dr. James N. Burdine]

Dr. James N. Burdine, professor of health promotion and community health sciences and director of the Center for Community Health Development at Texas A&M School of Public Health and Dr. Lillian U. Smith, head and associate professor of community and environmental health at Boise State University co-edited the supplement.

Authors included in the special supplement are comprised of public health faculty from the Texas A&M School of Public Health, Boise State University, University of Louisville, University of Texas Medical Branch, West Virginia University, University of Colorado, Colorado State University, as well as health care leaders from several organizations.

Dr. Burdine notes in the supplement introduction that, “The past three decades have yielded new ideals and insights in how communities are engaged in health assessments and the unique and shared health concerns communities have. Given the complexity of developing interventions to address such concerns, new methods of examination, data collection and engagement will need to be developed for community health assessment to face new challenges in the prominent future. The articles selected for this issue help to highlight cross-sectional thinking, methods and strategies which might offer utility in your community health efforts.”