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Texas A&M: Hagler Institute Fellow Combines United Nations Health Background with Doctoral Studies in Health Promotion to Conduct Research on Worldwide Vaccination Confidence

As the first student from the Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences at Texas A&M School of Public Health to receive a fellowship from the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study, doctoral student, Ms. Tasmiah Nuzhath combines her experience in facilitating interventions during a refugee crisis with her passion for improving access to health care by conducting research on measles vaccines. 

After graduating with a master’s degree in population sciences, Ms. Nuzhath worked for the United Nations Population Fund on improving accessibility to maternal health services in Bangladesh, especially in the wake of the Rohingya refugee crisis.

Ms. Nuzhath’s work with the UN encouraged her to seek doctoral programs that would enhance her leadership role in public health, and immediately attracted faculty from the School of Public Health.

Students who receive the fellowship work with internationally prominent faculty fellows to conduct research on a global scale. Ms. Nuzhath is currently working with faculty fellow Dr. Peter Hotez, an internationally-recognized expert on tropical disease and vaccinations and Dr. Brian Colwell, director of the Program on Global Health Research at the School of Public Health.

“I am developing a global vaccine risk index for measles that will help determine the factors contributing to vaccination coverage,” Ms. Nuzhath said.

She is part of a research team using climate change indexes, war and conflict indexes, the number of displaced populations, urbanization, and vaccination confidence as part of the vaccine risk index. Currently, the index is complete for 131 countries.

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