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Faculty & Staff Honors

Texas A&M: Interdisciplinary Research Projects Awarded Funding

Eight interdisciplinary research projects were awarded funding from Round 2 of Texas A&M University’s X-Grants program, an initiative of the 10-year, $100 million President’s Excellence Fund.

Dr. Bita Kash, and Mr. Cason Schmit, of the Texas A&M School of Public Health, received $324,979 along with researchers from the Colleges of Engineering & Medicine, and the Texas A&M Student Counseling Services on “Mitigating Mental Health Stigma in Higher Education Through Complementary Facilitated Dialogues, Remote Monitoring and Telehealth Counseling.”

Dr. Preeti Zanwar, of the School of Public Health, will work with a research team that received $325,000 in funding consisting of researchers from the Colleges of Engineering, Architecture, and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute on “Digital Twin City for Age-friendly Communities: Crowd-biosensing of Environmental Distress for Older Adults.”

There were 161 one-page proposals submitted during the initial phase of X-Grants Round 2. Fifty-six were chosen for preliminary proposal submission, and 23 were selected for final proposal submission. A final review panel chose eight projects to fund.

“These eight projects are designed to have a significant impact on our health, educational systems, aging populations and the future of computing and artificial intelligence,” said Dr. Mark A. Barteau, vice president for research at Texas A&M. “Interdisciplinary projects such as these are critical components in solving the rich and complex challenges that face our world. We are thrilled about the broad range of expertise brought to these projects by Texas A&M researchers and look forward to the advances they will make working together.”

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