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Faculty & Staff Honors

Texas A&M: Johnson to Lead Center for Environmental Research Human Translation Studies

Dr. Natalie Johnson, associate professor at the Texas A&M School of Public Health,will lead the human translational studies of a new center as part of a Texas A&M University Systemeffort to promote environmental health research.

The Texas A&M Center for Environmental Research (TiCER) lead by Dr. David Threadgill, director of the Texas A&M Institute for Genome Sciences and Society, received a multimillion dollar award from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).The goal of TiCER is to facilitate multidisciplinary research throughout the Texas A&M University System by identifying and reducing environmental health risks. TiCER is organized into different cores with specific responsibilities related to achieving this goal.

Dr. Johnson, with Dr. Itza Mendoza-Sanchez, assistant professor at the School of Public Health, will guide researchers to resources within the Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) related to human translational studies. The overall goal of IHSFC is to facilitate translational studies through community-based cohorts and health databases, population based experimental studies in mice, and human and mouse in vitro models.

A major resource housed in the School is the FRESH lab (Framework for Research on the Environmental, Sustainability and Health), established by Dr. Antonio Rene, associate professor at the School of Public Health. This lab provides access to environmental monitoring databases and public health data to aid researchers in analyzing the relationship between environmental exposures and health risks.

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