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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Texas A&M Will Welcome First Class of Broad Street Society Honors Learning Community Students in Fall 2016

An exciting new program named the Broad Street Society offers approximately 20 high-achieving public health undergraduates the advantages of a small, student-centered college education within the context of being a part of one of the largest, most academically diverse and comprehensive educational institutions in the world.

Classroom Friday Letter

High-achieving students are invited to apply for the Broad Street Society in the fall of their senior year in high school. Once admitted, students are enrolled in The Last Lecture Series, a series of “greatest hits” lectures by some of the best faculty at the Texas A&M School of Public Health and across the Texas A&M University campus during the fall semester.

The Broad Street Society has an international component as well. The spring semester will see Broad Street students enrolled in Gateways to the World, where students will be exposed to the history, political system, health care policies and culture of the country and region to which they will travel over spring break. Broad Street students will have significant input with regard to their destination and will plan excursions, visits and day trips throughout their stay.

“We are excited to launch this program to recruit the next generation of transformational leaders in public health and to provide them with one of the top public health educations in the world,” said Dean Jay Maddock, of the Texas A&M School of Public Health.

Successful Broad Street students will also have the opportunity to be groomed to apply for many of the prestigious national and international scholarships available to high-performing students such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, and Goldwater. Broad Street students will serve as ambassadors of the Texas A&M School of Public Health, Texas A&M Health Science Center and Texas A&M University.

The Society also has an optional residential component for Broad Street students who want a common residential experience to complement their curricular experience. A dedicated corridor of rooms named Broad Street has been created in Texas A&M University’s newest residence hall, White Creek Apartments, for students interested in living with and around other students in the Broad Street Society. Academic, social and extracurricular programming will enhance students’ residential experiences as part of the Society.