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Partner News

The Sewell Fund Learning Partnerships: Call for Host Applications for 2019/2020

The purpose of the Learning Partnerships is to place experienced librarians and information professionals within leading health care or research organizations in order for both partners to gain a better understanding of how best information sciences can be effectively applied in each environment. The Fund believes that this experience will facilitate a bridging of cultures resulting in a more creative and effective application of information science in the health care arena. The Sewell Fund support covers salary and incidental expenses for these twelve-month Learning Partnership fellowships.

It’s our pleasure to announce the application period for health sciences organizations interested in receiving financial support to host a Sewell Fund Learning Partnership starting in 2019.

The Sewell Fund Learning Partnership program has been designed to provide funding for a medical or health care librarian or information scientist to spend approximately a year in the environment of a host organization.

Host organizations will present a learning environment, a series of activities, and access to organizational leaders which will allow the librarian or information scientist to more fully understand the nature of the organization’s work, its decision-making processes, the clients served and the health care issues addressed.  The selected applicants will participate in team settings designed to utilize the librarian’s skills and knowledge in non-traditional ways.  Immersion is the goal and expanded knowledge the anticipated result for both partners.

As they come to identify with the host clients in a work setting, librarians will broaden their perceptions and deepen their understanding of the clients’ goals, thinking, knowledge base and methodology.  Client hosts will receive assistance from a skilled librarian capable of helping in both non-traditional and traditional library activities. The host will also gain insight into information management techniques and librarian capabilities.  The partnership will also inform the librarian partner about health sciences topics and current research methodology or practice protocols. Both partners will learn how their skills and knowledge can be more effectively integrated to increase the quality of research or health care.

To apply for consideration as a Host Organization, applicants must meet the following criteria:

In return for hosting a Sewell Fund Fellowship, your organization will receive a grant ($70,000) to cover the salary and health benefits of the Fellow and operational expenses, such as provision of a computer, attendance at conferences and other educational opportunities. Host Organization Letters of Intent are due March 15, 2019.  Host Organization applications are due April 15, 2019.

If you are a health sciences librarian or information specialist who is interested in being considered for selection as a Sewell Fund Fellow, information will be available here in June.

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Key 2019/2020 Learning Partnership Dates:
Letter of Intent Due:  March 15, 2019    (Note:  deadline extended to March 15!)
Host Applications Due: April 15, 2019
2019/2020 Host Recipients Announced: Early June 2019