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UAB: Recommendations for Cardiovascular Health and Disease Surveillance for 2030 and Beyond: A Policy Statement From the AHA

The release of the American Heart Association (AHA)’s 2030 Impact Goal and associated metrics for success underscores the importance of cardiovascular health and cardiovascular disease surveillance systems for the acquisition of information sufficient to support implementation and evaluation. The aim of this policy statement is to review and comment on existing recommendations for and current approaches to cardiovascular surveillance, identify gaps, and formulate policy implications and pragmatic recommendations for transforming surveillance of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular health in the United States.

A team of researchers collaborated on this policy statement, including Dr. Virginia Howard, Department of Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health; on behalf of the AHA Advocacy Coordinating Committee.

This policy statement takes a broad view of cardiovascular surveillance and addresses several critical features needed to advance its effectiveness in the United States over the next decade and beyond. This statement describes the action and components necessary to create the cardiovascular health and cardiovascular disease surveillance system of the future, steps in development, and challenges that federal, state, and local governments will need to address.

Development of robust policies and commitment to collaboration among professional organizations, community partners, and policy makers are critical to ultimately reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease and improve cardiovascular health and to evaluate whether national health goals are achieved. The AHA has set a bold new target for extending healthy life by 2030.

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