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Member Research & Reports

UAlbany: Working Safely with Multi-Drug Resistant Candida auris

Research out of Wadsworth researcher and UAlbany faculty member Dr. Magdia De Jesus’ lab is providing expert advice on how to work with multi-drug resistant Candida auris in an animal lab setting. This research, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, provides the appropriate measures researchers should take to ensure safe work with Candida auris.

In Dr. De Jesus’ lab, Candida auris was studied and monitored for six months, and the researchers examined various aspects of the physical lab space for exposure, including mouse cage bedding and tissue samples— which were both found as potential areas for human exposure.

To mitigate these potential exposures, four rules were developed by the team to prevent the spread of Candida auris. These rules are: Wearing the proper protective equipment (double gown, double gloves, double booties, and a face mask); using a buddy system (to have one buddy bring awareness to the surfaces that the other buddy has touched); disinfecting properly (using 10 percent bleach for five minutes followed by 70 percent ethanol); and biomonitoring (swabbing surfaces and testing for Candida auris).

By following these rules, those who work with Candida auris will be able to do so safely— without exposing those who work in the lab to infection.

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