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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

UGA Grad Students Develop Georgia Voter Guide for Health Policy

Graduate students from the University of Georgia College of Public Health have produced a fact-based health policy tool for Georgia voters to aid their decision-making.

Healthcare has become a central issue in Georgia governor’s race. Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams made Medicaid expansion one of her key platform issues, while Republican candidate Brian Kemp has remained adamantly opposed. Both candidates say they support rural health.

The students aimed to provide voters with succinct, cited information regarding candidate positions on these and other health-related issues, based on candidates’ prior political actions and proposed agenda items.

The infographic compares candidate positions on select health policy issues in the areas of: insurance coverage, rural health, the opioid epidemic, medical cannabis laws and school safety.

Team leader Ms. Megan Bramlett said, “We felt there was a need for concise information without any political rhetoric. These issues are complicated and layered, and our goal was to provide a clear and objective visual to assist Georgia voters as they get ready to head to the polls.”

In addition, the teams wanted to create a product that was accessible to all voters. The infographic will be electronically released through various social media channels and news media outlets in an attempt to reach a wide audience of Georgia voters.

Team leader Mr. Seth Riggle said, “These issues matter to people, but unfortunately we don’t always get to see how the candidates stack up side-by-side. Our hope is that the infographic will reach a wide audience and allow voters to quickly and easily access the candidates’ positions in regard to health and safety to help inform their vote.”

Since its launch, the infographic has been shared and reprinted in local and regional publications and distributed directly to voters via social media.
a PDF of the infographic.