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UIC Study Says Pizza an Important Contributor to the Youth Obesity Epidemic

On days they eat pizza, children and adolescents take in significantly more calories, fat, and sodium than on days they do not, a new study has shown.

[Photo: Dr. Lisa Powell]

In fact, pizza is the second-highest source of energy in the diet of American youths. Because it is eaten so frequently – about 20 percent of youths eat pizza on any given day – its nutrient content should be improved, say the researchers, whose report is published in the journal Pediatrics.

“Curbing pizza consumption alone isn’t enough to significantly reduce the adverse dietary effects of pizza,” says lead author Dr. Lisa Powell, associate director of the Health Policy Center at the Institute of Health Research and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “It’s a very common and convenient food, so improving the nutritional content of pizza, in addition to reducing the amount of pizza eaten, could help lessen its negative nutritional impact.”

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