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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

UMiami: Public Health Researchers to Launch a Trauma-Informed and Responsive Care Initiative

Dr. Roderick King, the director of the MD/MPH program and assistant dean for public health education, and Dr. Joseph West, a voluntary professor of public health, both at the University of Miami Department of Public Health Sciences, were recently awarded a two-year grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to address gaps in health equity, responsive care needs related to trauma, and adaptive lifestyle behaviors in young men.

Dr. King will be co-principal investigator and will lead the medical care health systems strategy portion of the project, while Dr. West, who will also be co-principal investigator, will lead the community-based intervention, mHealth, and population health analysis.

“Our approach is innovative in that we are assessing for mental health, trauma and their association with multiple risk factors including comorbidities,” Dr. King said. “For this phase one of the intervention, we are measuring the opportunity costs that are associated with developing peer-to-peer community health specialists with capabilities for extending reach for healthcare services.”

The epidemiologic study and community-based intervention is a collaboration between the department, Miami-Dade County Juvenile Services Department, and the Florida Institute for Health Innovation. The goal is to use mHealth for screening, education and outreach, use mHealth applications to increase access to mental health and healthcare services and workforce development to vulnerable populations between the ages of 17 to 30.

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