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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

UMiami: Researchers Awarded PCORI Award to Build Capacity on Hearing Loss Interventions in Hispanic/Latino Communities

Dr. David Lee, professor at the University of Miami Department of Public Health Sciences, and Dr. Nicole Marrone, associate professor at the University of Arizona, will collaborate to build capacity on hearing loss interventions among the Hispanic/Latino community – an underserved and under-researched population. Funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), they will provide evidence to address the decision-making challenges that older adults with hearing loss and their families face when seeking interventions.

The objective is to support, engage, and mobilize Hispanic/Latino patients as advisors by determining how hearing interventions can be designed. This kind of research is used to compare existing health care interventions to determine which work best for which patients.

An interdisciplinary team representing audiology, public health, translation studies, community health centers, will engage patients with hearing loss, clinicians, and community health workers. They will build on their previous engagement of patients in Arizona to a more diverse base of Hispanic/Latino communities across sociocultural backgrounds and countries of origin by partnering with stakeholders in Florida.

The team will utilize a community-engaged framework to guide future patient-centered research that improves access to hearing health care for diverse populations, specifically Hispanic/Latino adults. These activities will provide the broader research community with diverse perspectives on the topic that have been lacking in traditional research approaches.

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