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UMiami: Tire Shops in Miami-Dade County Produce Vector Mosquitoes, Researchers Find

A study published in Plos One found that tire shops in Miami-Dade County are highly favorable breeding environments for the production of vector mosquitoes. The study was co-authored by researchers at the University of Miami Department of Public Health Sciences and from the Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control Division.

This study used a cross-sectional design to survey the production of vector mosquitoes in 12 tire shops, where mosquitoes were found in all but one of the shops. Researchers collected 1,110 mosquitoes at the sites – 528 were adults and 582 were immature. The Aedes aegypti and the Culex quinquefasciatus were collected in both forms and consisted of 99.99 percent of the mosquitoes that were collected. The Aedes aegypti, which can spread the yellow, dengue, chikungunya fevers, as well as the Zika virus, was the most abundant of the two, as researchers obtained 944 of the species. For the Culex quinquefasciatus, 161 mosquitoes were also accumulated.

Since workers spend much time outdoors while working at tire shops, they may be vulnerable to the bites of these vector mosquitoes, which increases their risk to vector-borne diseases. The study also notes that tire shops are oftentimes small family companies that may not always follow safety guidelines, further increasing the risk for the production of vector mosquitoes. This study also emphasizes the need to address how the abundance and presence of mosquitoes vary seasonally in these specific environments.

The Miami-Dade Mosquito Control Division has been initiating the efforts to inform the population on the importance of eliminating potential breeding sites, such as tire shops, that could drive that production of vector mosquitoes.

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