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Partner News

Underserved Populations: Advancing Health, Engaging and Developing (UPAHEAD) Research Handbook

The Society for Public Health Education, Inc. (SOPHE), in collaboration with the University of Texas Health, San Antonio and its community partners, has published a new e-book, “Underserved Populations: Advancing Health, Engaging and Developing (UPAHEAD) Research Handbook“. With valuable links and tips, this handbook offers constructive guidance on best practices to establish a dynamic, community-academic partnership that utilizes the talents and unique knowledge of community members and the skills and resources of researchers to help address health issues.

“Reducing health status disparities requires researchers to move beyond their comfort zones and to partner with underserved communities with little to no benefit from research,” says Dr. Barbara J. Turner, primary handbook author. “True community collaboration requires researchers to reach out beyond those who are easy to engage or are from more advantaged backgrounds to address the priorities of those with the greatest need.”

This resource features a rigorous overview of published evidence about the initial stages of identifying community partners to guide the engagement and research process, as well as real-life examples and action items to build stronger relationships with vulnerable populations. In contrast to other guides, the nine-step, 210-page e-book (also now available in hard copy) emphasizes practical methods to involve and partner with members from hard-to-reach, vulnerable populations.

Learn more about UPAHEAD and other SOPHE books, tools, and resources.For more information: 202-408-9804 or email

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