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Member Research & Reports

University at Buffalo: University at Buffalo Receives Funding to Study Stress-Related Eating and Hormones

A University at Buffalo project, “Interaction between meal composition and weight status on feeding- and stress-related hormones” was recently awarded funding.

The $40,000 award was provided by the UB Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Translational Pilot Studies Program.  The funding will begin in April and will go through March of 2020.

“Stress can be an important contributing factor to the development of obesity. This project will use a translational approach to understand the mechanisms by which our response to a stressor may contribute to overeating and weight gain,” says the study’s lead principle investigator, Dr. Elizabeth Mietlicki-Baase.

Dr. Mietlicki-Baase is an assistant professor in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. Her current research interests build upon her postdoctoral training and focus on the role of the mesolimbic reward system of the brain in energy intake and food preference. She is especially interested in translationally relevant research that may inform the treatment of human obesity.

The study’s co-investigator is Dr. Naomi McKay, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at SUNY Buffalo State.