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School & Program Updates

Vanderbilt: Forms New Center for Improving the Public’s Health Using Informatics

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is forming a new Center for Improving the Public’s Health Using Informatics (CIPHI, pronounced “Sci Fi”) to be co-directed by Dr. Michael Matheny and Dr. Melissa McPheeters.

It will focus on providing a bridge between public health and health care to mutually develop and test critical informatics capacity for improving population health and expanding critically needed capacity in graduate education in public health informatics.

“To protect and improve the public’s health, the public health system and health care must work closely together, and academic health centers have a tremendous opportunity to help bridge the gap and support our public health partners. We will do this through innovative projects and research to test best practices, as well as filling a tremendous need for capacity in the public health informatics workforce,” Dr. McPheeters said.

Dr. McPheeters is a research professor in the Departments of Health Policy and Biomedical Informatics. She was recently recruited back to VUMC after serving three years as an assistant commissioner at the Tennessee Department of Health, where she built an informatics program that included multi-system interoperability, advanced analytics and data governance, with a particular emphasis on using advanced analytics to counter the opioid epidemic.

The center is being jointly supported by the Department of Biomedical Informatics and the Institute for Medicine and Public Health including the Center for Health Services Research.

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