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WashU: Building Capacity for Implementation Science

How to effectively disseminate and implement research has become a science in itself, and building a capacity in the burgeoning field can be accomplished relatively quickly, according to experts at the Washington University in St. Louis – Brown School Public Health Programs.

[Photo: Dr. Ross C. Brownson]

In 2010, three senior faculty at the Brown School created a network for implementation research.  The network grew quickly to include nearly 50 researchers across disciplines and helped to establish the university as a leader in the field. In a paper published in the Aug. 16 issue of Implementation Science, the authors described their process and lessons learned, lessons they believe can be applied by other researchers and institutions.

“This story highlights the importance of connecting people with different disciplinary traditions who are involved in implementation research and encouraging a wide variety of research capacity-building activities,” wrote the paper’s lead author, Dr. Ross C. Brownson, Bernard Becker Professor at the Brown School.

“Our experience shows how significant capacity can be built in a relatively short period of time.  Many of our ideas and ingredients for success can be replicated, tailored, and improved upon by others.”

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