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WashU: Upgrade World Cities for a Healthier Future

Massive improvements in urban infrastructure around the world are needed to create healthier cities and reduce the negative impact of pollution, climate change, noise and crime, according to a new study from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis.


[Photo: Dr. Rodrigo Reis]

The study suggests eight interventions that will help, including pedestrian- and cycling-friendly networks, reduced parking and more-accessible public transit.

“We have much work to do on our cities,” said co-author Dr. Rodrigo Reis, professor at the Brown School and an expert on physical activity, urban design and public health. “It won’t be easy or come cheaply, but it is essential to the health of our cities and our planet.”

The paper, “City Planning and Population Health: A Global Challenge,” was published September 23 in the journal The Lancet. It is one of a three-part series of studies released September 23 in New York during the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

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