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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Yale: Alum Earns Degree, Speaks at State Capitol in Same Week

Mr. Seth D. Powers, co-director of The Center for Children with Special Needs in Glastonbury, is already using his Yale School of Public Health training at the highest levels of state government.

Just three days after receiving his degree on May 20 from the school’s Advanced Professional MPH Program, Mr. Powers was at the state capitol for a press conference with Governor Ned Lamont and other top elected officials on a bill that addresses health care costs and their burden on small business.

The bill would expand Medicaid eligibility, reinstate the individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act, and create a “Connecticut Option” starting in January 2022 to allow individuals and small businesses to purchase comprehensive and affordable health insurance coverage that is at least 20 percent less expensive than 2021 health insurance market rates.

My involvement was to represent small businesses and the burden that ever-increasing health care costs have on small business’ ability to hire, innovate, invest, and grow,” Mr. Powers said. “Having led the health insurance procurement for my organization over the past several years, I’ve witnessed the challenges faced by small businesses in our ability to provide comprehensive and affordable health care to employees.”

Mr. Powers’ journey to the state capitol began when two YSPH health policy interns, Mr. Tom Dubin and Ms. Miriam Miller, suggested that he attend a business roundtable several weeks ago, which was organized by Comptroller Kevin Lembo as well as State Senator. Matthew Lesser and State Representative Sean Scanlon, the two legislative leads on the bill.

Small businesses are the life blood of the economy,” Mr. Powers said. “They deserve the same consideration afforded to large industry. … I look forward to continuing to being a part of whatever the solution is going forward.”