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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Yale: Doctoral Student Looks at Analytical Chemistry to Understand Metabolic Disease

Ms. Emily Davidson is a PhD student at Yale where she is using and developing a variety of molecular, biochemical and analytical chemistry-approaches to understand the relationship between environmental exposure, oxidative stress and metabolic disease.   Ms. Davidson found that while her interest in biochemistry and cellular metabolism might have been fulfilled in a basic science department, one thing was lacking — the role of the environment in human health. The Yale School of Public Health provides her with this unique opportunity to study the multifaceted nature of human disease, which includes environmental exposures, she says. “As the environment rapidly changes, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the factors influencing ecological balance and human health, not only at the epidemiological-level but, the molecular-level.”

By applying laboratory methods to public health problems, biology informs population health data. One such method is metabolomics, through which population-based data can be coupled with human biological specimens to discover novel markers for health, disease and environmental exposure. “While this multifaceted approach is difficult, adding more biologically-derived information to the public health narrative will help drive a more holistic understanding of human health. In turn, this will advance the way health and environmental professionals interact in the spaces of human-environmental contact,” says Ms. Davidson.

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