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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Yale Faculty Member Receives 2018 Pao-Lu Hsu Award

Dr. Hongyu Zhao, has received the Pao-Lu Hsu Award for his fundamental and impactful contributions to statistical methodologies in a broad area of genetics and computational biology and his pioneering work in microbiome analysis; for his dedication and passion for teaching, mentoring, and professional service; and for his engagement and leadership in promoting the advancement of statistics and biostatistics research in China.

The Pao-Lu Hsu Prize is presented every three years by the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA), usually at an ICSA conference, to an individual under the age of 50, who makes influential and fundamental contributions to any field of statistics and probability and exemplifies Dr. Hsu’s deep involvement in developing statistics and probability research with significant impact on education.