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Yale: Finds Vaccine Is a Cost-effective Solution for Countries Burdened by Typhoid

Introducing a typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) into routine child vaccine schedules and conducting a catch-up campaign to vaccinate all children up to age 15 is a cost-effective solution for many low- to middle-income countries severely burdened by typhoid, a new study led by researchers at the Yale School of Public Health finds.

The study is the first comprehensive analysis of the cost-effectiveness of different typhoid vaccination strategies for 54 countries hit hardest by typhoid — primarily located in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Published  in Lancet Infectious Diseases, the study analyzed disease transmission rates, hospitalizations, mortality rates, vaccine-related costs and the financial resources of each country. Extensive computer modeling and analysis were applied to evaluate four strategies: no vaccination, routine immunization at nine months, or routine immunization at nine months with catch-up campaigns to either age 5 or age 15.

“We have provided all of the information for decision-makers to evaluate whether the typhoid conjugate vaccine is a good value,” said Dr. Virginia Pitzer, associate professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and the study’s senior author. “Now each country will have the information needed to decide for itself whether or not to apply for Gavi funding to introduce the vaccine.”

The typhoid conjugate vaccine, Typbar-TCV®, was recently approved by the World Health Organization and is currently recommended as part of an integrated approach to controlling the disease along with improvements in water, sanitation and hygiene.

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