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Yale: Nearly 700 Public Health and Legal Experts and Organizations Sign Open Letter to Government Officials on Achieving a Fair and Effective COVID-19 Response

Widespread transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus within the United States is “inevitable” and a successful response to the epidemic must protect the health and human rights of everyone in the country, over 500 public health, human rights, and legal experts and organizations warned today in an open letter to Vice President Mike Pence and other government officials.

The open letter details a series of recommendations that government officials must consider through new legislation, policies, leadership, and spending. The recommendations stress the protection of vulnerable populations, including healthcare workers, people living with chronic health conditions, incarcerated individuals, and the elderly. Experts affiliated with Yale, Harvard, Northeastern, and Temple University, among others, as well as leading health and human rights organizations including the American Public Health Association and the Big Cities Health Coalition drafted and signed on to the letter.

“As the coronavirus spreads in our communities, governments must mount a fair and effective response that maintains public trust, is grounded in science, and leaves no individual — particularly the vulnerable — behind. This will not only better protect the health and security of each of us, but also the economy,” said Dr. Gregg Gonsalves, a Yale School of Public Health epidemiologist.

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