ASPPH Helps Members Recruit Students

Through ASPPH, SOPHAS, and This Is Public Health, ASPPH offers a variety of ways to showcase your institution to help find the students who are looking for programs like yours.

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CDC Funding Opportunity

CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Applied Research released a funding opportunity to support innovative research to improve the ability of CDC and its partners, especially state and local health departments, to effectively prepare for and respond to public health emergencies and disasters.

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Public Health Reports: Local Decision Making for Implementing Social Distancing in Response to Outbreaks

In a recent study in Public Health Reports, researchers conducted a study looking to (1) identify key features of preparedness and the primary concerns influencing state and local public health officials’ decision to implement social distancing—the practice of restricting contact among individuals to prevent the spread of infectious disease—measures, and (2) determine whether any particular factor could explain the widespread variation among health departments in responses to past communicable disease outbreaks.

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ASPPH Fellow Develops “It’s Asthma” Infographic Series: A Tailored Asthma Health Education Resource for Adolescents and Emerging Adults

ASPPH Fellow creates the “It’s Asthma” Infographic Series focuses on providing health education about indoor environmental asthma triggers to adolescents and emerging adults with asthma. The series was created to assist health educators, public health professionals, health care providers, organizations, and others in their efforts to provide adolescents and emerging adults with information about indoor environmental asthma triggers.

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Public Health Reports: Prioritizing Workforce Development Training in State Health Departments Using TRAIN: Challenges and Opportunities

In a recent study in Public Health Reports, researchers obtained data on the present-day status of public health workforce training and the use of a public health learning management platform called Training Finder Real-Time Affiliate Network (TRAIN) in state health departments, and used this data to help identify issues with and improve training.

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