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Peace is Public Health

Wars, armed conflicts, and humanitarian crises around the world have devastating effects for the physical and mental health & well-being of populations. The consequences are multifaceted, long-lasting, and exacerbate existing inequities. The negative implications of these conflicts and forced displacement disproportionately burden vulnerable and marginalized communities. Everyone has the right to live a safe and healthy life. Peace is public health for everyone, everywhere. You can download the Peace is Public Health graphic in both square and circle versions, and tag @aspphorg and @ASPPHtweets if you share them on social media.

Global Network for Academic Public Health Endorses ASPHER Statement on the War Against Ukraine
This week, the Global Network, which is convened by ASPPH, endorsed a statement released by the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) condemning the war against Ukraine and espousing a pro-peace stance for the field of public health. We are proud to stand with our colleagues in Europe and around the world to call for an end to this conflict. Read the statement.